Sliding Scale Flower CSA

We offer multiple flower subscription possibilities for our flowers. When purchasing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share, you invest in a small farm’s viability for the growing season – ensuring that the farmers are able to continue growing sustainably and consistently provide you with the best selection of our blooms. Shares are non-refundable. Please read CSA agreement below carefully.

Spring flower share: Four weeks of fresh, locally grown flowers including tulips, narcissus, ranunculus, & more. Mixed bouquets or straight bunches of a single type of flower. Begins in May.

Summer bouquet share: This is peak flower season – our summertime mixed bouquets are created from the largest assortment of colorful blooms on the farm. Begins early July. Weekly (8 weeks) or biweekly (4 weeks) available.

Autumn dahlia share: Bountiful dahlia bunches or mixed bouquets prominently featuring dahlias. Typically runs through September.

2024 share cost will operate on a sliding scale. No matter what you pay, all members receive the same share. This helps support our goal of sharing flowers with all who wish to enjoy them, regardless of their ability to pay at the time, while ensuring a continued sustainable income for the farm. Please consider opting to pay on the higher end of the scale if it is within your financial ability. A sliding scale benefits the community best when we all work together honestly. Only you know your earning power & financial obstacles, and we will never ask. Pay what feels good & right to you! If you find this supremely confusing, the financial value of each share is listed on our webshop at the link below. If none of the listed rates work for you, please contact us & we can try to make arrangements.

Choose between pickup at the farm or Pecorino Cheese Shop!

CSA shares are non-refundable. Payment is due in full upon signup.

Members are responsible for arriving to the pickup location during their chosen pickup time. You will always receive a farm update via email the day before your chosen pickup; this will serve as your only reminder. Any flowers not claimed in the designated time window will be donated. We do not allow for missed weeks/dates or reschedules except under special circumstances. If you know in advance that you are unable to make a pickup, this is a great opportunity to gift your share to a friend for the week!

As your flower farmers, we will always prioritize our CSA shareholders and provide you with the best flowers that we are growing. You will receive either large bundles of single flower varieties or a mixed bouquet depending on weekly availability. Entering into a CSA is an agreement of both shared risk & shared reward for the farmers & the members. By joining our CSA, you are agreeing to share some degree of risk with us and the other members.

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